Forest 404

Sound codes explained


Itemised descriptions

The following list describes the abiotic, biotic, and ‘cultural’ components from each biome used in the Forest 404 Experiment. These sounds were also combined to form richer soundscapes, for example sound ‘AB’ from biome 1 would consist of sounds A (swirling wind with leaves rustling) + B (woodland birdsong with blackbird).

Biome 1 | UK woodland

A = swirling wind with leaves rustling

B = woodland birdsong with blackbird

C = ‘Woods’ by Wendell Berry

Biome 2 | UK coastal

A = calm waves lapping on the beach

B = oystercatchers chirping

C = ‘Dover beach’ by Matthew Arnold

Biome 3 | UK rural

A = gentle stream flowing

B = hedgerow birds (including sparrows and robins), with distant sheep bleating

C = ‘Spring’ by Gerald Manley Hopkins

Biome 4 | Tropical rainforest

A = heavy rain with distant thunder

B = various bird calls from the New Guinea rainforest

C = Extract from ‘Savage Grace: A Journey in Wildness’ by Jay Griffiths

Biome 5 | Tropical submarine

A = underwater waves crashing and sloshing

B = humpback whale calls

C = ‘Underwater’ by Michael Schmidt